A portrait by Toby Sheorn begins by discussing with the client the size and setting of the portrait. Several factors affect the size; the pose- whether seated or standing, the location where the portrait will hang, and the number of subjects in the portrait.

A photography session with the subject records various poses, lighting and expressions. The session also enables the artist to talk with the subject and gain some insight into the individual's personality. The portrait is executed from the photographs, notes and sketches. From start to finish, the portrait takes about three months to complete.

Toby Sheorn's portraits are priced according to size. The portrait is painted, in oil, slightly smaller than life size, with a suitable neutral background to complement the colors of the portrait. Any specific or detailed background can add to the cost- this will be determined at the sitting.

Head & Shoulders:
Head to Waist:

Full Length:

       $  6,000
       $ 8,500

       $ 10,500


Groups: 20% discount on each additional figure on one canvas.

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